NUCLEAR INSPECTOR: KNRA 6                   
SIX (6) POSTS Vacancy No. KNRA/16/2023
This is the entry and training grade for this cadre. An officer at this level will work under supervision of a senior officer.

Terms of Service: Permanent and Pensionable
Remuneration: Salary and Benefits are those attached to KNRA Grade 6

For appointment to this grade an officer must have: –
i.             Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following disciplines: – Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physical Sciences with a bias in Atomic or Radiation Science, Risk and Disaster Management or any other relevant and equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution;
ii.            Membership with a relevant professional body, where it is applicable, and in good standing;
iii.           Proficiency in computer applications; and
iv.           Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution.
Duties and Responsibilities
This is the entry and training grade for this cadre. An officer at this level will work under the guidance of a senior officer and will be assigned duties and responsibilities in any of the following functional areas:

a)      Standards and Licensing Function
i.             Collecting and collating data on radiation and nuclear regulatory standards:
ii.            Maintaining a register of regulatory standards, protocols, procedures, guidelines manuals and implementation of regulations and standards on radiation and nuclear matters.
iii.           Collecting and collating data on licensing, certification and transport of radioactive and nuclear materials for dissemination of information;
iv.           Implementing and maintaining licensing control systems;
v.            Conducting safety evaluation reviews of radiation and nuclear sources and devices; and
vi.           Receiving and assessing the completed license and certificate applications.
b)      Compliance & Enforcement Function
i.             Collecting and compiling data on compliance for dissemination of information:
ii.            Maintaining and updating the compliance control systems;
iii.           Keying in compliance data into the regulatory authority information system (RAIS);
iv.           Undertaking compliance checks on radiation devices, radioactive materials, nuclear facilities and sites; and
v.            Implementing an alternative dispute resolution program.
vi.           Enforcing nuclear and radiation regulatory requirements, standards, policies, guidelines, protocols and legislations so as to provide for the protection of persons, property and the environment against the harmful effects of radiation;
vii.         Recording statements on nuclear and radiation related enforcement actions.
c)       Nuclear Safety and Safeguards
i.             Development and maintenance of national nuclear alarm assessment procedures;
ii.            Preparing data on nuclear safety assurance measures;
iii.           Assessing adequacy of nuclear safety measures;
iv.           Assisting in the provision of Secretariat services to the EU CBRN Center of Excellence for ECA Region; and
v.            Development and review of national Emergency CBRN Response.
d)      Nuclear Security and Protection
i.             Development of guidelines and standards for physical security of nuclear and other radioactive materials;
ii.            Ensuring the implementation of rapid and comprehensive measures to locate and, where appropriate, recover missing or stolen nuclear material;
iii.           Development and implementation of escorting procedures for nuclear and other radioactive elements
iv.           Reviewing contingency plans for physical protection of nuclear and other radioactive materials;
v.            Reviewing plans for protecting the confidentiality of information;
vi.           Coordinate activities to be carried out in collaboration with national intelligence gathering institutions to define the design basis threat for the NPP.
vii.         Check the assessment of the facility’s characteristics used to design the physical protection system, ensuring that no measures are detrimental to nuclear and radiation safety;
viii.        Ensure that the passive components of the physical protection system include deterrents, obstructions of access and means of delaying the entry and escape of intruders;
ix.           Check that the information contained in the physical protection system, including its specifications, is covered by an appropriate classification system;
x.            Assess the physical protection measures envisaged for the domestic transport, import and export of nuclear and other radioactive materials;
xi.           Implement a regular inspection programme to verify compliance with the physical protection conditions established in the license in force;
xii.         Participate in the drafting of physical protection standards, as an expert in the field; and
xiii.        Periodically check on the facility’s design to determine any threat and any revisions to the physical protection system that are deemed necessary.

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