Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA) has agreed on a working partnership with Excel Services Corpoartion, a leading US nuclear company.Excel Services Corporation supports nuclear energy producers and regulators and focuses on programmes to improve safety and security. Its expertise includes feasibility studies, site selection and environmental assessment.

During the visit by Excel Services Corporation CEO Donald Hoffman, among issues discussed was on ways to tap into Excel Services Corporation expertise in key areas, including improving regulatory safeguards. On his part Mr. Hoffmann commented on the importance of Nuclear programme stock taking in bid to succeed in the future. He said the Excel Services Corporations will work with Kenya and other regulators in the region, starting with technology assessments, to achieve effective regulation. He warned that weak guidelines would inevitably reverse the gains made in nuclear safety.

The meeting was hosted by the Chairman Hon. Edick E.O Anyanga and the Director General Mr. James Keter. Hon. Anyanga described the meeting as a breakthrough and Kenya was open to learning from industry leaders. “Your partnership with us is timely. We will work closely together and are ready to sign all the necessary documents so that we can hit the ground running,” he said. On his part, Mr Keter stressed the importance of effective regulation, saying it helps build public confidence in nuclear programmes.

Also in attendance were Mr. John Opar, Mr. Shadrack Kiti the Director Compliance and Director Licensing and Standards respectively and Ms. Tracy Kabochi, Deputy Director for Legal Affairs. Mr Kiti made a presentation detailing the achievements and challenges of the authority’s work, including resource constraints, as it recently embarked on drafting its regulations.

A photograph taken during the meeting held in the KNRA’s Boardroom at the Head Office in KASNEB Towers II