Mr. James Keter Chumba
Ag. Director General

Mr. James Keter Chumba is the Director General of the Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority,having been appointed on 2 nd March 2023 in an acting capacity.

He has served for more than 20years as a regulator in the former Radiation Protection Board and has risen through the ranks to
be at the top management of the Authority.

He holds an MSc in Nuclear Power Plant Engineering from KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (South Korea) and an MSc in Nuclear Science from the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, University of Nairobi (Kenya). He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (Physics major) from the University of Nairobi and has attended various international trainings and meetings in nuclear and radiation sector.

Mr Chumba is responsible for the day to day management of the affairs and staff of the Authority that provides for a comprehensive framework for the regulation of safe, secure and peaceful utilization of atomic energy and nuclear technology, the production and use of radiation sources and the management of radioactive waste.

He also has a deep appreciation of developing and nurturing a career in nuclear technology, either in teaching, promoting or regulating its safety and security aspects, for the purpose of improving human life throughout the world. His other passions are delivering knowledge in this field by being a resource person in local and international seminars, conferences, workshops, and universities.

Mr. Chumba believes in adding value as a strategic and technical team member within State agencies, seeking to transition to the next level and utilise gained skills to drive growth and institutional turnaround.